Trevon Marsh & Kris Reyes

Trevon Alexander Marsh aka “Ice Tre” is a young rapper, singer, song writer, pianist and freelance Journalist from Toronto, Ontario Canada; Born on July 30th, 1994.  He has always had a great respect and passion for music and the diversity that it offers.  Music has always played a vital role within his family, embellishing his natural enthusiasm.  His mother is a song writer in her spare time and his father is a producer/promoter of Reggae music in the wonderful island of Jamaica.

Spurred on by his deep desire to become involved with music, at the tender age of ten Trevon started to take piano lessons. He has a deep love for the instrument as well as the guitar.   Marsh knew that he wanted to make being a musical performer his future career, feeling very strongly about this whenever he was playing the piano, guitar, or writing lyrics.  When he finally turned sixteen, he released his first remix song “Airplanes” under the artist name Ice Tre.  The song received very positive reviews, which encouraged him to produce more songs concentrating on a variety of remixes and original tunes.  One exceptional track is ‘How We Do’ showcasing his unique style and slick flow.  Marsh is a highly motivated young man who is ready for anything musically, and is striving for success in the music industry as a worldwide Rap artist.

Within the last three years, Marsh has earned a groundbreaking 500,000 total views to his YouTube channel as well as astonishing sales from iTunes downloads.

On September 4th, 2012 Marsh started his first year at Humber College as a Journalism major.  Always having a passion for writing and being on camera, he decided that this was the right career path for him.  So far he has learned from some of the best Journalists in the world and is still continuing to grow as a writer and broadcaster. Trevon is dedicated to taking the skills he has learned over the past couple of years and transpiring them into a career as a Broadcast Journalist and one day hopes to anchor for a major news station.  Marsh is in full force of taking both career paths into his hands.

In 2015, Trevon Marsh launched his media network “TMTV MEDIA” at Reggae Sumfest 2015 in Jamaica.  TMTV  Media is an entertainment outlet bringing you the latest trends in music, fashion and culture.  The channel showcases interviews taken at live events and gives you the most recent scoop in the biz.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to TM TV today on YouTube! (LINK BELOW)

In the summer of 2016, Trevon Marsh signed with Rogers Television to bring TMTV to daytime television launching TMTV: Centre Stage.  Centre Stage is a bi-weekly entertainment program featuring the Caribbean culture, events and interviews from celebrities in the GTA and abroad.


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